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"Vaccine medicine is no longer a one-size-fits all fantasy"
Dr. Paul, past president American Animal Hospital Association, Lakewood, Co.
December, 2003 Issue AAHA Trends Magazine
Cover Story "Vaccine Legal Jitters"

Next-To-Kin is a private, not-for-profit organization that believes that dogs, cats and other pets so enrich our lives that we should recognize our pets/companion animals legally and even legislatively as "beyond mere property."

Next-To-Kin seeks to enhance the quality of life of pets/companion animals and their guardians by:

  • Challenging the pervasive veterinary practice of over-vaccination.
  • Pushing for changes in laws that treat companion animals as mere property, having no value beyond what was paid to acquire him or her.
  • Promoting research into the value of companion animals at home and in the workplace, the development of home-hospice curricula, and guardian advocacy programs.

Tour our pages. Consider our points of view. If you find yourself in agreement - please join our cause.

Next To Kin's First Annual Overvaccination Survey Conducted Statewide in Colorado September 27-28, 2005 by Hill Research Consultants

Responding to the question: "Does your veterinarian recommend an annual rabies vaccination for your pet?" 79% said Yes!! - despite Colorado passing a three year rabies option in 1999 six years earlier. Here's a .pdf of the Survey.

The "Informed Consent Form" offered in Next To Kin's newspaper advertising is available with an initial membership fee of $10.00.

To begin protecting your companion animal/pet from overvaccination, send $10 and your address to the address below. We'll rush you a membership card with informed consent information.